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This is Royalair's Mesa Clara & our newest addition Falcos Candy Cane

Updated 12/2012



OUR German Shepherd Philosophy:

Our dogs are exceptionally smart, very sound and while they can be protective, they are smart enough to know when to be protective and when to be a friend. This is what we believe the German Shepherd was meant to be and why we are breeding today. Our breeding goal is to make top quality German Bred dogs affordable to families, after-all that's where they all go anyway! We believe the German Shepherd is the best family dog you could possibly own.

Our specialty is the traditional black & tan, black & red, solid black and plush coated dogs. The examples below are plush coated black & red dogs. (sometimes called "coated" dogs. Hazzard is considered "coated" dog.) We emphasize good temperament and health above all else. No special handling required as with some higher-strung All German bred Schutzhund dogs. No super angled American Show dogs. Most of our dogs are oversize according to the AKC standard and we breed for the flatter back, big bones and massive heads that are the old-fashioned type. Our dogs are all registered AKC but we have departed from strictly following the AKC conformation standard because of continuing health & structure issues associated with those dogs winning in the the show ring today. We are also in the process of departing from a strict German standard that calls for a dog that is SO driven they can only be handled by professional dog trainers. All our dogs can be totally trusted with children, even our stud dog, Hazzard. Please visit our Health & Advice page or click here for detailed information.




We Don't Breed for the below picture. If this is what you are looking for in a German Shepherd, then we are not for you. We don't have roached backed, super angle dogs. The picture below is an AKC Show Dog winner. We would be happy to refer you to a breeder of this type of dog. Just ask us. See our information page on the German vs. American split or click here. The dog shown below is an American Bred Show Dog winner.


We don't run an exclusive web ring or condone the shunning of other breeders or breeding philosophies. We truly believe that you, as a prospective German Shepherd owner, just need to understand the various types of German Shepherds there are today and make your own decision, whether it is my dogs or another type. I am happy to recommend another breeder if our Family Type dogs are not your cup of tea.

If you are a breeder, we need to discuss your needs as all our dogs are sold with limited AKC registration.

Browse our site and see if our dogs match your life. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions or want to get on our waiting list. Click on the mailbox below to send me an email.


Bob & Cindy Olson

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